I once saw a video of a Japanese master stitching and my butterfly mind was captured and captivated.  I wanted my embroidery to look as though it was growing on the silk just like his.  I had to find a way to learn this organic delicate silken craft.


And so my journey began ~ taking me from the Castles of Japan to the Gardens of China.  My Inspirations come from these wondrous places and from my studies through years of history and tradition.  


I have enjoyed the tapestry of myths and legends since I was very young.  

So combining those with nature and its small worlds within worlds I found a backdrop to the close detail I enjoy most.

My second love ~ mathematics and technology have afforded me the opportunity to give my work a modern twist.


I have travelled widely for my studies in Japan, China and  Indonesia (Straits Chinese designs and crafts)


Most recently:

- Suzhou Chinese embroidery

- Kinpaku (Goldleaf)  

- Katazome(Stencilling)

- Japanese embroidery

- C&G level 2 Creative Computing ~ Distinction

- I work with a variety of computer software to create my works of art  having gained various computing qualifications.


I love sharing my passion for silk and the fascination I have always had for things of a textile and tactile nature.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed researching the V&A Asian collections and have a lovely selection of antique textiles of my own.

Published work:  Traditional Japanese Embroidery ~ Search Press


My Experience


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